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Reichenbach Casting: http://www.farbglas.de/Tech_gussglas-EN.pdf

Reichenbach Annelling Casting: http://www.farbglas.de/annealing_casting_glass.pdf

Reichenbach Blowing Colour - Technical details

  • Coefficient of expansion:
  • 94 (+/- 2) x 10-7/K (25-400°C)
  • Transforming temperature: 470-530 °C
  • Annealing point: 510 °C


Gaffer Casting Anneling Schedule: http://www.gafferglass.com/technical/annealing.htm

Gaffer Casting Gold Ruby 221 & Gold Amethyst 276: http://www.gafferglass.com/technical/instructions.htm

Gaffer Photo Sensitive: http://www.gafferglass.com/technical/photosensitive.htm

Gaffer Instructions for using Opaline #300: http://www.gafferglass.com/technical/opaline.htm

Gaffer Instructions for Copper RUby #75: http://www.gafferglass.com/technical/copper.htm

Orange Red #230, Dark Red #235, & Yellow Amber#245: http://www.gafferglass.com/technical/orange.htm

Spiral Arts

Spiral Arts Pipe & Puntil Guide: http://www.spiralarts.com/buyerguide/index.asp

Spiral Arts Pipe & Puntil Maintenance: http://www.spiralarts.com/tech/maintenance.asp

Spiral Arts Pipe Repair: http://www.spiralarts.com/tech/repair.asp

Spiral Arts has several other interesting guides to refractory & annelers: